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                     Introducing my newest Book !

   Trumpet Workouts    $39.95 in the webstore

EBOOK VERSION via download now available at great savings in the grawlin webstore!

Approximately 240 pages of trumpet workout music.This book is guaranteed to build all of your skills including sonority and endurance. Unlike anything before.

This Workout Book provides endless possibilities for routines you design based on your desires.

The concept of Linear Flow  is behind every exercise, allowing you to play for hours and shape your workout without a WEAROUT.


              What the best players around are saying about Trumpet workouts!

Dear George, "Congratulation for your new book, it shows your love and dedication to our beloved instrument and the players!! It's a very serious work to help all of us to improve our skills. god bless you my friend!!! “
   Arturo Sandoval - 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, 10 Time Grammy award winner, Emmy award recipient, 6 Time Billboard award winner

George Rawlins' Trumpet Workouts Book is a great addition to any trumpet player's practice repertoire. It is both challenging and satisfying at the same time. A wonderful way to keep up chops, technique and musicality.
    Mike Vax - Chairman of the Board at Friends of Big Band Jazz, Leader of the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra and owner at Mike Vax Music Productions.
"With 'Trumpet Workouts" George Rawlin generously shares his vast performing and pedagogical expertise with you for you to bring into the practice room and onstage, too. Definitely DO try this at home!”
    Nick Mondello -  freelance trumpeter, writer and educator/clinician.

Oh my gosh, George. I hadn't played since Thursday night (after a 2.5 hour performance in the afternoon and two rehearsals in the evening (6-9:30 pm). I then went through the first 3 pages of your warm up and felt revitalized and strong by the end of bar 72 I had a strong 4 octaves on the F (and another octave with a little more effort). Bravo!
    Geoff Winstead -  Author of “The Real Way to Play the Cat Anderson Trumpet Method”

I keep this book on my stand in my office at the AFofM !
   Rick Baptist - Hollywood film lead trumpet player and Union president.

I practice from this book every day!
    Chris Jaudes - NYC trumpet Artist and Jazz Studies ProfessorThe Juilliard School of Music

    This website will make you a better player and a better musician!

Search through hundreds of pages of pictures, education, and creative tools for your enrichment.

I have studied with and played for the most prominent names in the trumpet world, including Doc Severinsen, Claude Gordon, Bud Brisbois, Pete Candoli.
 I have taught thousands of players of all ages. In person, clinics around the world, and via Skype.

The legacy here is continued from men like Claude Gordon, Bud Brisbois, Walter M. Smith, Herbert L. Clarke, J.B.Arban, Roy Stevens, and Renold Schilke.

No trumpet gimmicks, just solid fundamental exercises, building a broad base for any type of playing. I teach to develop Mind - Air - Lips - Tongue - Fingers - Flexibility - Musicianship.

Enjoy this website resource and pass it on to your fellow trumpet players.

Welcome one and all, George Rawlin    click to hear a sample of my playing


Have you checked out the AirPlay video and PDF 
Trumpet/Cornet method?

This series of videos land instructional pages lay out a provenr way to establish your embouchure.
Hundreds of files and videos.

All downloadable directly to your device!

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