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Professional Brass at INCREDIBLE Pricing!

For videos showing the complete line of Trumpets and the AirPlay instruction system visit my YouTube Page

Guarantee: CarolBrass® provides master quality standards on a wide range of brass instruments. Each CarolBrass® instrument designed is based on more than 30 years  knowledge of brass instruments, and 100% handcrafted by Hoxon Gakki Corp.

  Consistency: From the starter horns to high-end professional horns, CarolBrass® sets up the same high quality standard and uses the same sources of material.  

: Generally, CarolBrass® brass instruments can be divided into 2 portions:

The Dizzy Style Pocket Trumpet and Case Pictured

Styles Offered and Materials Offered,

Pocket trumpet
Piccolo trumpet

Build Your Owned Horns
: For the players who want particular specifications on their horns, we suggest checking out  the CarolBrass® Customized Series.

For more information, please gRawlin@grawlin.com via email.grawlin@grawlin.com  an authorized  Carol Brass Dealer

Visit the CarolBrass pages by clicking HERE
When you decide or have questions regarding your choice(s) email me at:
grawlin@grawlin.com and I will personally advise and take your order.

CarolBrass is one of , if not, the fastest growing Brass instrument companies in the world. due to high volume there could be a wait for your choices.

Here are a few comments from my FB Page regarding these wonderful Instruments

From Tim:
Best new Lead Trumpet of 2014, Introduced at NAMM! A Trumpet so versatile, so complete: Two Tuning Slides, Three sets of Valve Buttons, Extra set of Heavy Bottom Caps, Standard and Lightweight Springs, Gorgeous Scratched Lacquered Finished, Bronze. and Quality second to none!
With this Instrument, CarolBrass has raised the bar, so much so that Others are already Copying this GREAT Trumpet to try to keep up!


Congrats George! Love my CarolBrass trumpet! I can Honestly say it's not only the best Trumpet I've ever owned, but the Best Built (machining, attention to detail, CONSISTENT Quality from horn to horn) of all the brands I've played ! I was amazed at what I could play after a years long break! Best valves too!

Congratulations, George. They make great horns. I love my bronze lead horn (where have I heard that term recently?) that I bought in January.

From Bill:
I bought a Carol Brass cornet off of Doug in February. LOVE IT! Thinking about a trumpet.

How much is the Dizzy Pocket Trumpet George?

From Patrick:
 I've got a Carol Brass C trumpet - very, very nice horn.