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 Read What Solista Owners Have to Say!

These are unsolicited comments from the many Solista purchasers since January 2012.
If you want to comment send me an email or better yet post it on the FB Solista page........

John Gage 
George, best Flugel I ever played!!!!

Chris Rysenga,
 These flugels are great! I have one and love it. It's a crazy great price and a value you won't find anywhere else. I replaced my Courtois with it and it is far superior. I have tried out the Yamaha Z flugels before, and I rate the Solista flugel as an equal.

Nice note from Bill Cryderman:


Just to let you know, the horn arrived safely. All I can say is WOW. I'll be playing it this Sunday. This is a great horn and thank you for making it so affordable. Needless to say, I am now interested in all your stuff. It will take a while to make my wife interested too, but when that time comes, I'll be wanting to try the Solista trumpets (especially the .460 and .462), ...

Stan Bawol posted to George Rawlin
11 hours ago

George, Diggin' my Solista flugelhorn!
On a gig the first night I had it, the upper register was markedly freer blowing and accurate. In practice the pedal tones jump out in a way they never did on my old horn. Thanks for making a great one.

George, I've owned my Solista .460 trumpet for close to a month now. It continues to open up a whole new world of playing for me. This thing is really radically nice! That's why I didn't hesitate to put my order in for a flugel, without needing much info about it. I'm sure if it meets your standards I will love it. I already sold my Courtois on ebay today--not looking back.

Wow. I could afford one of those soon. If it's anything like my new Solista I will be selling my Courtois to make room for one of those.

Mark Bradley posted on Trumpet Herald - topic - horns:

<Well, it's taken a while but I finally got a chance to actually play the Solista 460! An outstanding trumpet. 

The adjustable finger ring on the 3rd valve slide is optional (where you want it).
It was the most oft putting aspect of the horn to me-- sort of made it look like an intermediate horn but there's a reason for it.
He has straight valve slides so the adjustable ring configuration is the only thing he's found that will fit. Since there's a reason for it... no problemo.

The artist/craftsman is a dying breed, George.
Thank you for being willing to continue this great tradition and being willing to be so meticulous doing what is often tedious work

I love the .453. It's super flexible and easy to play. Before buying it I looked up a lot of people's comments and sound bytes of Martin Committees because that's what I expected the .453 to be like. I especially like hearing Chris Botti play his.
 One guy said something like this--If music is like a painting, and instruments are like paint brushes, the Committee likes to paint jazz...

 I would say that's a good description and true for the .453. For me it's a great compliment to my Solista .460. If I could only own one though it would be the .460 for my uses. In my loud band the .460 has the extra sizzle I need.
 I was lucky that I had two Yamahas that were worth quite a bit that I could sell and help pay for two Solistas.
Thanks for making such great horns George!!…

Dave Arndt
Just a public (unsolicited) plug for George's work with these Solista Trumpets. After trying these horns (the .460 ad .462)...

there are some things that really stand out: The response of these horns (response on the attack) is incredible. I would venture to say better than any horn I've ever tried. The overall "sound" of the horn is rich & brilliant... with a "shade" of "Bach-like" qualities (to me ear and feel).
These are very good instruments - if you haven't tried them, you should. I'm looking forward to giving the .453 a spin also... when I get a chance.
Thanks, George!

Michael Hurt who dropped by this AM.

"Thanks to George Rawlin for doing some tweaking on a couple of my horns and making them absolutely stunning players! 

If you've got a trumpet, he can make it play better! If your horn just isn't quite right, he can work his magic and make it sing! If it's a great horn already, he can make it even better!

Check him out at gRawlin.com and he's just down the road in Fayetteville."

"Hi George,

This Solista is really a far greater horn than I imagined it would be. Our sax player in our band is a very persnickety perfectionist, and he happens to be a trained instrument repair technician. A couple of months ago he heard me say that I was expecting to buy a Solista.

As the time got closer he seemed to be getting kind of agitated, and he questioned me about it, saying "...Now how much better can one trumpet be? They've been making trumpets for a long time, and what improvements can really be made at this point that are of any significance?"

He seemed to think I was being really foolish and he seemed almost kind of angry about it. I showed up at a cable access TV gig with it last Saturday.

When he heard me playing it his eyes got big. He's a believer now. What a sound!! Also, our first tune was "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago. That tune has some rather wide and fast intervals in the mid-high register that have to be perfectly smooth to fit the style of the tune. At times I find it difficult to play that well. It just rolled out easier than ever at that gig, and I was free to just work on sounding great and not worry about nailing all the notes.

..... It's a whole new ball game for me now with this horn. It is really way beyond what I expected.

Great horn George! I am liable to be checking out your flugel and picc when they are available.

Received a nice note from Larry Brubaker about his new Solista .462 here it is:


."I've been wanting to report all my experiences with my Solista and I am happy to say that I am HAPPY! 

The best thing is that it allows expression to happen naturally and that the sound is exactly what I hoped it would be- solid, centered and predictable.

Congratulations to you on a really fine instrument. We need to talk sometime about it since text is so limited.

I do want to buy another- .460 this time. If you get one in (either lacquer or silver) that does what you described a while back (able to put almost any mpc in it and it plays pretty much the same) I want to get one like that. Maybe that is the case with all of them????

Lots of guys here want to try the .460- probably could sell a few quickly.

Keep me in mind for every new one you design (flugel, etc)..........

Mark H. Schwartz:
 We will start with the fact George knows HOW to do it right!