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Here is this weeks lesson and challenge!

I challenge you all to do a one hour practice session with soft flowing lines. Little if any tension just soft lite tones beginning with slow neighboring tones. With regular rests of 15 to 30 seconds .
Moving through slur, tongue, scales, arpeggios , melodies. Gradually expanding the range as long as you remain quiet effortless and musical . The temptation to play full or loud must be suppressed in favor of creating fluid control at mpce and less volume.

Breathe in just the amount to play the line plus a few seconds. Inhale and exhale in a circular unstoppable cycle. Do not push notes together. Let them tumble into each other as they float on the air.

You should feel your lips tingle and the slightest command from your ears sends them to just the resistance . If you cannot play a little higher note without tension or pressure Don't play it. Turn around and stay in the comfortable range.

After a period of time your tone will improve and your body will settle into a sort of zen relaxation.

Let your body move with the tempo and then notice how smooth and easy the fingers fly through faster and faster lines or scales.

Practicing in this manner will develop a foundation for all playing of all genre's

When you complete the session your lips will tingle and feel refreshed and a little warm glow will be sensed in the playing muscles around your lips.

This type of practice increases blood flow while playing. The benefits last several days and you will know when it is time to do it again.

Trying out mouthpieces should always be tested in this manner. Allow the mouthpiece to show you what it does when you play softly. If the tone is pure and even and it seems to float it will be a contender. Avoid the temptation to play loudly or go up above the staff until the mouthpiece proves it will respond with your kind of feel and response. This will eliminate the dogs and assist your search. You can play back and forth between several mouthpieces if you play quietly and listen. Hope this helps.

I am so proud to be chosen as a CarolBrass Dealer.

     Carol Brass link to products

Search the Carol Catalog of Brass Instruments 
  Here are a few of the Great CarolBrass instruments now sold through grawlin.com

SKYPE LESSONS are off the hook!  

From around the globe players receive one on one on the screen in your face instruction.

Australia, Japan, UK. France, Denmark, Canada, Greece, Chile, USA,
Wherever you live -
We can work out your playing issues!.

$45 USD   Get your Skype on here!

All you need is Skype and decent mic and screen with a reliable Internet connection.


This new one-piece gRawlin TC allows smaller diameter players to get the full fat sound of the larger cups. Smooth, full, lights up when pushed
full range - not a Flugel sound! $125.00
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If you need a nice full Jazz sound that doesn't "mush" or blat when you play low or high this is perfect.

New Solista Trumpet - the 470. A sweet yet scintillating sound that soars and sings. The blow is Medium and definitely the work of the typical 470. My personal choice for my playing and the most in demand demo horn I make.

See it here

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Miss Eileen Rawlin - The lady behind the gRawlin website. Wife of 41 years. Professional singer. She wheels me around, put my clothes on, fixes my meals, and drives me everywhere.

She is a champion, and deserves a little recognition for just being Miss Eileen. Without her there is no website, Solista trumpets, and there would be a very sad gRawlin. She's a two time cancer survivor, and grandmother to 5 wonderful grandchildren.
Hooray for Miss Eileen!

Trumpet Tweaking Services

Link to video of a tweaked horn. This trpt. cost me $50.00 - After tweaking worth $1000.00

I will set up your trumpet to play it's best!  Want it brighter, warmer, not so stuffy, the low notes to speak better etc.

I have not seen a trumpet yet that cannot be made to play better for the customer. We all hear differently and want a feel, resistance and tone to match what we want to hear.

Have a Bach but like a Schilke sound or a student trumpet needs to play evenly and in tune.

I have tweaked student horns and the player says it's better than his....that cost $3500.00

Price does not include parts. Most Tweaks do not involve parts however caps and buttons may be needed and cost extra. In case you need to have  repairs, there will  be additional fees.