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 TrumpetPlayersDirectory.com  Trumpet Players Directory Featuring Trumpet Players Links, Profiles, Interviews and Everything for Trumpet Players

Greg McLean Trumpet Compositions
A really fun site for seeing the greatest players in action - videos, tips, links!

Trumpet Articles  Jeff Purtle
Brass Playing Articles about the teachings of Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke.

Purtle Brass Conference

Trumpet Lessons  Jeff Purtle

Harry Kim - Trumpet Player and Public Speaker
Harry Kim is the founder of Vine Street Horns and can be heard on numerous albums, world tours, and international television specials.

UNT One O'Clock Band
LA Studio Musicians
Chuck Findley
Blackburn Trumpets
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Kanstul Mouthpieces
Bob Reeves
Uan Rasey
John Audino Story
OJ's Page is an invaluable resource and information site
Top 25 Trumpet resource sites
Terry Warburton Mouthpieces

What Horns do the Pros Play? Go here for some fun answers!
Malcolm McNab
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Brass Review - Reviews major manufacturers horns

For "Comeback" players
Wayne Bergeron
Great Brass Bands - videos
GR Mouthpieces discuss alterations of horn and mouthpiece
Bill Adam Tribute Web Site
Michael P. Anderson
"Maurice André in concert"
Maurice André
Trent Ryan Austin
Paul Ayick /Paul Ayick Vintage Brass

Alison Balsom
Wayne Bergeron
Chris Botti
Bud Brisbois
David Burkhart
Gregory Bush
Paul Cacia's Official Website
Bill Carmichael
Bill Churchville

Timofei Dokshizer Tribute Page
Timofei Dokshizer
The Schilke Loyalist.

Phil Driscoll
Nick Drozdoff
John Ellis
Trumpet Studio At The Crane School Of Music
Bob Findley's Web Site
Carl Fischer's Trumpeter Home On The Web!
Bryan Goff
Claude Gordon Music Enterprise
Gary E. Grant
The Studio Musician's Manual For a Long & Productive Career

Matt Graves
Mario Guarneri
Jeff Helgesen's Homepage
Rick Henly
Mike Herriott
Adolph "Bud" Herseth Tribute Page
Al Hirt
Clyde E.Hunt
Roger Ingram
International Trumpet Guild Youth Website

Ingrid Jensen
Gilbert Johnson
James Knabe
Jazz Wereld - Jazz World & Chet Baker
Roddy Lewis
Eddie Lewis
Dr. Del Lyren 
Brian Lynch

Cornet Connection
Lost/Stolen Listing.
Jim Manley
Raymond Mase
The Unofficial DOC SEVERINSEN Web Page
Clint McLaughlin
Malcolm Boyd McNab
Ollie Mitchell
Ralph Moore
Página Personal De Benjamín Moreno
Eric Miyashiro
Dennis Noday

Philip "Flip" Oakes
The Trumpet Doctor
Dan Oxley
Vincent Penzarella
Joseph Petrocelli
Tim Phillips
Tribute Page
Al Porcino

Ronald Romm
Chase Sanborn
Carl Saunders
Dr. Michael E. Schmidt
Bobby Shew's Official Home Page
Phil Smith, trumpet:
Phil Smith
Marvin Stamm
Rich Szabo

Andrea Tofanelli Home Page
Trumpet Geeks International™
Trumpet Herald TrumpetMaster.com
Trumpet Players' International Network
Ole Jorgen Utnes

Mark VanCleave
Roger Voisin Tribute Website
Richard Waddell
Rich Willey
Andrew Wilson
Steve Wright
Tim Zimmerman & the King's Brass