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I damaged my lip from "Just Playing" probably not thinking about the damage I was doing by using pressure and over-blowing. I was on the road 7 years with an average 450 shows a year. I would begin to hurt and so I'd suck it up and play through it. Then I separated the muscle and could not play .

I learned a tough lesson. I learned that what I was doing was counterproductive. Since that time - 1974 - I have made a change and now play without pain and have the range and endurance I need.

During my years self inflicting damage to my lip, people would say how great I sounded, how beautiful my sound was, my range was a consistent double D and I honestly believed all was well and that the pain or swelling or discomfort was all a part of road life. I knew a lot of guys that agreed.

After taking a new look at what and why I was doing I found that pain and swelling were not a given - no way!.

I know tons of great players who say just play the natural way - just blow and let your sound be your guide. etc. etc. I firmly believe that they are playing - whether from a naturally trumpet-friendly set of chops or luck or a teacher that set them up correctly from the git go - without needing to think about what they are doing and in many cases couldn't accurately tell somebody what they were doing to actually play so well.

This leads to a lot of confusion and mis-information. Playing the trumpet is for the vast majority not a "natural" physical event. Understanding the basics of how an efficient embouchure works should be at the forefront of a new students thinking.

The guys that read this page are mostly players with some degree of success and perhaps many have come into playing easily with a predisposed physiology for trumpet or brass performance.

I have taught easily 3 or 4 thousand students in schools and private lessons. Trust me - very few come to it naturally.

What is more surprising is how many players give up after school. Quit after not making it in local musical groups, and some who lose it all when as a pro they ruined their chops.

I personally believe that every player needs to understand the basics of the trumpet embouchure. The 4 or 5 things that every method overlaps on. I make every effort to promote education in my website gRawlin.com and my pages here on FB.

I am not dogmatic about a my way or the highway - I am dogmatic about beginning players being shown the basics of the embouchure AS APPLIED TO THEIR ANATOMY!

One of my great sadnesses is when I meet a player who has been working for years in the trumpet world and finds himself slipping down a painful road to loss of work and enthusiasm.

The majority of my teaching via Skype is with these players. The thing that hurts is that they just never really either thought about how they played or worse were never taught the basics.

It is really tough to turn it all around after 20, 30 years of trial and error.

My wish is that TEACHERS would tackle the responsibility of teaching the why and how we get a sound and build a lifetime embouchure just 1/3rd as much as they tackle the musical skills portion. When you receive a solid foundation in both areas you have a chance to enjoy the trumpet - make a living - etc. What is bad is when you are not sure at all how your chops work and you are teaching beginners to just "play naturally."

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What we do here is strip playing the trumpet down to the most basic essentials. We set an overview of what needs to happen when you play, and show you how to make it happen for YOU!

Most players don't know what a good tone is. They have no picture of the set-up to a note, or the execution of a phrase. What they do have is a desire to make some music come out of the horn and not be embarrassed about it.

AirPlay and PowerPlay lead you through the basics of embouchure formation and development.
The Video Lessons and the written exercises present the plan in easy to digest bite size sections.
Download your copy today!      


          NEW Solista Elite .470 model .
          My Top of the Line Trumpet    
This is a true Large Bore horn for advanced players. The sonority is deep and rich for great jazz, but it sings and soars up high.

Read what Mark from KC has to say about it.
 "Just wanted to let you know your trumpet came today. I was very excited and somewhat surprised to see the mailman drive up. 

The trumpet: 
first of all it made it safe and sound.  Great packaging.   I've had a chance to play it and my initial impressions are very positive-- this is really a nice trumpet!  

Unless I knew beforehand I wouldn't necessarily know this is a 470 bore.  It plays very easily and with a wonderful sound, doesn't seem to take more air than a standard 460 bore horn. 

The one thing that strikes me in particular about this trumpet is that it has a very unique "center" of sound.   A beautiful soaring tone but there is also a core or something as well that's hard to describe but definitely there. 

 I see what you mean when you said it is sort of Schilke-like

......over all I'd say this trumpet is a definite winner. "

A note from Larry Wiseman about the .470 Elite:
I agree that the .470 just fell into the slot, but did not feel huge to me. Again, a great time, and plan to save my pennies to own a .470 ASAP. Right now, we are sinking money into a retirement cabin, BUT of all the axes that I have played over a 55 year period, The Solista is solid, with George tweaking these horns, they are more than worth the money....Larry

      433 Silver 6" Bell
      With Case and Mouthpiece.
      My best seller! Pros and amateurs alike
      rave about this horn.
This horn plays even and balanced from bottom to way above high C. Nice slots and round flugel sound.
From Jazz to Legit it cover it all.
Why in the world pay $3000 for a flugel?
Get the Solista Flugel now and make some money with it dude!  :)

              ABOUT the gRawlin Mouthpieces and - Mouthpiece Tops

My tops and also the 1 piece mouthpieces start with the great Stevens rim. Each inner diameter is .645   The depth deepens with each numerical increase. #1-4
The flugel is a copy of my original Schilke cup the Renold Made for me by hand. Deeeep V cup with a gorgeous sound.  Standard shank.

Choose your drill size and whether your preference is a sharp or rounded bite.

What the players are saying:

Chris Jaudes  NYC - One of the busiest players around:

"Hey George....Ok...found a back-bore that got me the sound I wanted.....I LOVE the gRawlin Mouthpiece top # 1 - I cannot miss ANYTHING!!!!! Thanks for making it....I love it!!!"...It was a (Warburton) 7b that did the trick. It's interesting....We dig the same back-bores. Hope all continues to go well for you. Thank you.....I am a big fan.

"Wanted to let you know the Solista Flugel is a WONDERFUL instrument. It provides exactly what I need as a working musician, and is affordable. I couldn't have asked for a better result!! Thanks, George!!" - Dan Flores

Larry Brubaker - Prestonwood BC Instrumental Music Pastor and  Trumpet Soloist Plays the Solista models .460 the .462 the Solista Flugel and the #1 and  #2 gRawlin Top and loves them!
"Today I used it in the first service and I really like the way it blows and the sound. The 462 is also really good- I'm just surprised how much of a difference .002 makes in the tubing. The 462 has a bigger sound with more volume and the 460 is more compact and brilliant but still blows freely...."

Geoff Winstead - Author of "the real Cat Anderson Method"  Owns the Solista Flugel. He said the band leader told him he sounded sweeter  that night on the solo. Geoff said it must of been the horn because he didn't do anything different :)

J Rod - The horn was great. I felt it had a quick response, the valves were smooth
and quiet. I was not use to the Saturn water keys but they do work well. The weight of the trumpet was not heavy or light but just right, it felt good in the hands. The tone the horn produced was warm and rich.

Jim Allen
- Australian master player -"I have unpacked the horn just now, all OK, beautiful looking instrument, a little heavier than my Schargel but not a problem. ...beautiful tone...
Jim Plays the .453

Chris R. Kalamazoo - 33rd Street Band
Hi George,  I just love it!  The sound seems to cut through just great, and I can hear myself better in our loud band.  I would describe the sound as focused, compact, and extremely resonant with the fullest overtones that I think I've ever played with.  It helps me not deviate from the airplay method.  Also, I am more accurate with tonguing now--drastic reduction in "cuffed" notes during challenging articulation. I've owned my Solista .460 trumpet for close to a month now. It continues to open up a whole new world of playing for me. This thing is really radically nice!
   Great job on a great mouthpiece!   Take care, Chris Rysenga  - 33rd Street Band

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