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What The Players are Saying..

Hi George,   We had band practice last night.  This was really the first time I have had a chance to get past some practice room clumsiness and really get in my zone since my lesson with you and the addition of the B10* backbore.  The guys noticed my new sound right away!  Also, somehow during practice I remembered your warm-up mp3 file on your site.  I played a few 2nd line G's that way during a break.  What strikes me about that is the extremely fragile sound you start with.  I can't even do it that fragile yet.  But now it clicked with me that there is a vital connection between that fragile initial approach and extreme ease, clarity, accuracy, and power throughout the entire range.  I was nailing high F's, and even some G's last night with ease and accuracy!  I'm actually so excited about this that I had trouble sleeping at night :^).   Chris

Hey George,

I ordered a copy of your DVD a while ago and have been working through it.

I have been finding everything in it to be, good, solid, clear advice and very, very helpful!

My biggest problem is that my lips 'naturally' want to form the aperture infront of the top teeth (Long top teeth, short top lip) It is a little bit of a pain because I have to use some effort just to keep the aperture properly exposed to the air. I does definitely sound better though and my range is more stable.

I think the DVD is definitely worth its money, even without all the extras. The only thing it possibly could do with is a guide to when you should be practicing the material. Should we be going through all the exercises everyday or not approaching later ones until the earlier ones are mastered?

Anyway, great product and well worth the low price!
~ Satisfied Customer :-)

...."There's a DVD by TPIN's own George Rawlin called Air Play which I highly recommend for anybody looking to rid themselves of excess tension.  The DVD is a step by step process of learning how to set your chops optimally for your facial structure so that your lips may vibrate freely and your airstream can then bear the burden of creating the note.

This idea is also at the crux of the Yoga Breathing approach.  Taking tension away from the lips (where the muscles are small) and creating the energy needed with bigger muscles (the ones that control air) that can handle the necessary force to create high tones and sustained tones.

I'm planning on writing an entire detailed review of the Air Play DVD when I'm done with the course (I'm about halfway through.)  Being a professional with a lot of lip tension for 15 years, it's hard for me to let go of my old ingrained habits!
If you're interested, visit George's site at www.grawlin.com

TONS of great info there, from air to lips to jaw position, and even good info on tinkering with horns and mouthpieces.  His approach is very clear, easy to follow, and a lot of fun.  I think George's DVD, Jeanne's book Trumpeting By Nature, and Jeff Smiley's Balanced Embouchure book are by far the best resources currently available for trumpet players."


Your comments are spot on.  Tonight, I used the paper on mouthpiece and inserted
into the receiving leadpipe.  It did indeed change the distance my mouthpiece neck
fit into the receiver by about 1/4 inch.  Previously the G on top of the staff was
about 80 cents sharp.  Tonight with the paper I was about 20 cents sharp.   A dramatic
improvement.  The increase in gap also gave me a "feel" of more resistance
and yet the horn sang up to high C.  George the feedback you have provided to me
has been the most insightfull information I've came across in 12 years of my
comeback.  You are also correct when you stated "Air Play" has similar
concepts with Bill Carmichaels "Screamin Method".  To me your DVD is very
easy to apply.  I will provided a full review in a couple weeks.  Your breathing
lessons have changed my approach.  As you explain in your DVD, if it play....it's
right...if it doesn't play.....it's wrong. 
The change in sound you made with a mouthpiece switch when relating to playing in
church is amazing.  Again.....this was another time while watching you DVD I said......That
is exactly what I am looking for.  I'm not sure what mouthpiece I would use
for church and yet have a similar rim diameter to the WCC Warburton. 
Your DVD has been so insightful I would like to get together for a lesson in the
future if you are available.  Thank you for all the help it is greatly appreciated. 
I will definately square things up with all you have done for my playing.
I have been an internet nut for the last 12 years seeking websites, message boards,
and chats relating to trumpet playing.  Where have you been all this time.  I just
came across your website less than a year ago.  Actually you responded to one of
my TPIN posts....relating to weight added to trumpet.

What are Air-Play users saying about the DVD?

To: George Rawlins Subject: Air Play (2) Date: Oct 16, 2008 10:11 AM

I've watched all the videos.  I am now starting at the beginning and working
through the lessons.  My breathing has become more relaxed.  Your video has helped
me make improvments.  I did not realize by moving the bottom jaw forward and down
my breathing would be much more free.  In the past I've dabbled with moving
the jaw down and slightly forward but thought it was only tied to "upstream"
or "downstream" playing. 
One other thing I tried.....It has to do with my set points.  FYI....I know I'm
a player that uses far too much mouthpiece pressure on my lips.   A while back I
switched to a WCC Warburton top and #7 backbore.  This has forced me to reduce pressure
and my playing has improved.   I have a slight over bite....so by keeping my jaw
down and forward (even with my top teeth) ...more pressure is on the bottom lip
which leaves my top lip more free to vibrate. 
Last night I played a simple 2 octave chromatic scale starting on low C up to high
C a few times with the most effortless free sound I've had.  I look for more
good things to happen.
I have quite a lot of trumpet pedagogy DVDs.
Some of them don't work good as lessons. (You only look at them once)
Other work to some degree.
Some are great for other reasons (like the one with Clark Terry - so
nice just to see him)

The one you have made is the best I've seen so far.
I will try to follow your ideas and the progression as you suggest.
(I'm already a bit into your thinking - let the air do the work, etc.)

Btw, I play all brass (tuba, trombone, french horn, trumpets)

The walking exercise I've done some years ago (but not with the blow out).
Will take that up like you describe it. Have already seen it twice."
Hello George

I received the Dvd ok, and I am happy with it. Clear and concise

The way you present things does not contradict what I think things are
supposed to be to get maximum efficiency.

I have two questions :

First : by 'setting' the way you describe, my horn / face angle is above
floor parallel, quite the opposite of my 'hard-gained' way of playing.
Should I stick with this, or once I experimented , let's say ton the
morning, should I continue as before in the afternoon ? Would you
suggest that one experiments for a whole month without playing the 'old'
way ?
One of my 'to be optimized' thing I suspect from my playing, is the
upper lip willing to go up as I -tire-ascend-play louder....I quite
misunderstood what you said upon that very subject ( although I
understand english, sometimes little details escape my attention ).
Could you please reiterate ?
Regarding mouthpiece size : do you happen to have a practical way of
determining one's best size ( like measure at rest upper to lower lip
distance, add circumference of your skull, divide by weight at age 3,
subtract price of 1 oil gallon.... you see : ) )? Or is this just
empirical ?

Secondly : Are the backgrounds 'noises' some subliminal suggestions, to
influence people and let them vote for you ( or anyone else ? ). Are
these to attract people to make a trumpet players community, under gR's
( Guru Reverend ) tutelage ?

Thanks for reading

Best from France