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AIR-PLAY teaches you from the ground up!
 "How to Play the Trumpet effortlessly"

The building blocks of great playing. 20+ videos with added PDF exercises and tons of fun trumpet material.

Supplement your AirPlay package with one on one Skype Sessions with George.  Skype name: grawlin5347

Quick look at AirPlay          Video about "Buzzing"

Check out more on my YouTube Channel

This AirPlay Download contains over 2 hours of "mini lessons" in Ipod compatible video, and many pages of PDF  Tips, Training, and Valuable Information about the Business of Trumpet.

Consolidates a firm foundation based upon what plays for YOU. The basics of AIR, Core-Balance, equipment, and playing style all add up to a successful foundation for YOU. This is NOT a short cut to screaming high notes. It is a broad based musical foundation allowing you to step off into a level playing field with any trumpet style.

              Listen to clip of gRawlin playing Air-Play here

When you consider that a single lesson would cost over $50 and hour. You are investing in a library of material that will last a lifetime.

This is not a gimmick, it is a solid rock for building your trumpet foundation. You will discover aids that no one has yet crystallized  into clear no mumbo jumbo English.

         To Purchase gRawlin Mouthpiece Tops for Air-Play users click here

This product is for all players, teachers, professors, and beginners. It will revolutionize your trumpet experience.

How to Make Music - Not Noise! And do it with Ease and Clarity

This will Give You a BLACK AND WHITE understanding of what plays and what doesn't play.

This Download will show you how to establish your OWN embouchure based on simple principles of Physics. Every person brings baggage to the table.
Download gets that baggage organized, economized, focused, and functioning!

  More Information about Air-Play link here

Every lesson I teach the more I realize that naming my system AirPlay was the only possible name. Breathing is probably the most natural thing we do...until the trumpet comes up to the lips.

I run into all forms of nervous habits, tension and movements of the face, lips, jaw etc. Breathing for playing should be as natural as breathing while you sleep. If you need clarification download AirPlay. $45 the cost of a single Skype lesson.

You get over 20 pin point videos taking you from the first breath through to an overall picture of complete playing. Whether you are Symphonic, jazz, Commercial, Church. or community group players - this system will never step on your musical toes.It won't make you a lead player or a jazz player etc. what it will do is show you how to develop an efficient embouchure with relaxed air producing a full robust sound that you can use for any style of music.

It will increase your single tongue to super nimble floating 172 sixteenth notes. Allow you to develop incredible endurance based on flow and rhythm and NOT POWER LIFTING FORCE!


"As an Air-Play student, I can attest that the seven principles that George Rawlin teaches have enabled me to play with much greater ease in all registers. This method enables use of one's relaxed core balance/body support rather than focusing on tiring lip and tongue manipulations to "muscle" notes out.

The result of this is a much freer tone with many harmonics and an expanded range. This is not a radical embouchure change, it is an enhancement of your existing embouchure. Check out his website to learn more!

Happy trumpeting,

Nice comment made by a fine trumpet player in Michigan. Sometimes we all need a little tweak and that's where the gRawlin.com site stands tall.

" I found myself very uncoordinated with my air/chops above the staff at band practice last week. I was splitting notes and my articulation was terrible.

I went home and went to your website. I went back to the playing through the leadpipe thing. That was a very good key and it locked me in very well.

With regard to the "3 points of alignment", air supply/nozzle/and target or release point, I had kind of forgotten about the last one and had strayed a bit from the good path.

Also, the airplay video you put on Facebook last week about fully getting behind each note, mentally and physically, to use your will to make it resonate fully really brought me back also.

These 2 things brought me back greatly and I feel real solid up to high E above high C."
Comment / Request
"Your videos have changed my ability to play. Even James Stamp couldn't help me as much as you have. I found a B2* Shank (Wartle) for the #2 grawlin. What do you recommend?"

"George's AirPlay system is simple but not simplistic.

It begins so basically that is adaptable and should work for virtually anyone.


AirPlay User - Chris:
"I posted this a few weeks ago, or rather I sent a feedback email to my friend George Rawlin about how I got myself out of a tailspin on a gig and he posted it here.  I did it again at a gig last night.  It is a little exercise that produces a mental image, but for me it is auditory rather than visual. 

I have been playing for over 40 years and am a serious student of the trumpet.  Even with all the knowledge I've gained over the years I still frequently have to give myself a "tune-up" to get my air and chops working in good coordinated synchrony. 

I play a second line G whole notes at about p-mf dynamic level and repeat it until I have a perfect clear sound with no airy buzz at all.  Only when it's perfect do I expand this into my whole range above and below that G.  I can do it in 5-10 minutes. 

I did it again last night at a July 4 festival here in Michigan and I was on top of my game and beyond for the whole 2-hour/no-break gig.  I have
trained myself at length in the practice room to keep my jaw a bit forward from the natural position because I believe this provides the most open air path, plus positions the embouchure in the best way to operate properly. 

I keep that set pretty much sub-consciously now.  Otherwise I don't think about my jaw position while I'm playing."

My $.02,

Another AirPlay user:

I received the #1 top today. After assembling the #1 with my #4 backbore, I played numerous scales and scale-like patterns in your Airplay collection. I didn't want to put the horn down!

Your rim design is the most comfortable rim I've ever played. I'll need to learn to relax and let the air (and horn) play when ascending above the staff, but my current playable register is much easier to play. The mouthpiece is wide and comfortable, yet it allows for easy, flexible playing over a wide range - it's a keeper!

gRawlin Mouthpiece user:

Your kind to reply.  I play a Burbank Trumpet ( patterned after the Besson) ML boar.  I could never play lead because I could hardly maintain a High C.

 Now with what you taught me (I'm 64) I'm relearning scales up to High G. The new grawlin #2 is at least 50% easier to play even with a Warburton *2 ( previous mouthpiece a Bach 3C). 

I'll go get a #7 B and a KT and try them as well. Although in my youth I was offered a scholarship in music to BYU I since discovered I'm not a real musician ( perhaps I could be a moderate technician).  To play in an orchestra or local band would be nice. I love jazz and it requires a high register. Solo work would be out of the question.  It's a great hobby.