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I was born in Warsaw Indiana in 1947. Only son of Salvation Army Officers, both cornet players. Graduated from Cass Tech in Detroit in 1965, student of Dr. Harry Begian.

   At the age of 13 I found myself on the contest stage of the great Chicago "Orchestra Hall." I presented a cornet solo to a full house and was "hooked" .
At the age of 17 I toured Great Britain and Scotland with a fine Salvation Army band as soloist. I had the dream of my young life and sat in with the International Staff Band.

   1965 Attended Asbury College and then left for the road with the famous Musical group: The Spurrlows . Employed by Chrysler Corp. in the daytime , the Spurrlows played most of the High Schools in America. New car announcement shows, commercials, TV and radio. Amounting to 500 + shows a year.
In the evenings and on weekends we played Christian music spectaculars we called "Splendors."

   After the road moved to Atlanta and began a career as side-man, lead player, teacher, and Church Instrumental Minister. Opened up Hometown Music for sales of Church Instrumental charts,solos, ensembles.

   I love the ministry and was called to work "full-time" in music ministry I was ordained as an Evangelist in 1968 with the Evangelical Alliance in Wheaton Ill. God has used me and I am so blessed to have been rescued by Him since the age of four.

   I have toured Australia, Equador, England,Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Japan, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Mexico, Austria, France, Bulgaria, Holland, Germany, Greece, and Canada.

   I was honoured to be invited to organize and conduct  the Sanctuary Orchestra of Charles Stanleys' Church-  First Baptist Atlanta and In Touch. I remained there from 1976-1988, as Instrumental Music Minister, Arranger and audio engineer.

   I now serve as Minister of Media at Pastor Mel Blackabys' church - FBC Jonesboro.   I edit and produce the Real Life Television Broadcasts.

   My desire is to share the 40 years of professional experience with players working to become successful players, and willing to work hard to get there.

I am the eternal student...


                   My Trumpet Inspirations

Hubert Rawlin - 1st Teacher                      
Dr. Harry Begian - Conducting teacher
Les Muncaster
Bob Herivel
Hanny Orchard
Max Wood -  Teacher

Stan Morse - Teacher                                
Phil Driscoll
Paul VonAdam (Adamson)
Renold Schilke - Teacher
Pete Condoli - Pete Condoli

Robert Nagel                                              
Harold Lieberman
Roy Stevens - Personal Teacher

Chris Jaudes                                              
Doc Severinson
Bill Pruyn - Teacher
Tony Terran
Claude Gordon
Bud Brisbois
Roy Stevens - Teacher
Cat Anderson
Andy Hagan - Mentor

 Here is what AirPlay sounds like!
Click here to listen to Onward..

This solo was originally written by Terry Winch and then orchestrated by Bob Kelly for Rick Everitt and the PTL orchestra.
I subbed for Rick for a week and had to play the solo in the daily shows. I rewrote a little of the "technical section, and changed the ending to climax on the double "C".

Bob Kelly gave me the chart and then I rearranged the accompaniment for full orchestra. I played this for many years with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra.

I opened Hometown Music co. and rearranged it for church orchestra, big band, and also for traditional brass band. It was then sold to players all over the US and Canada.

Chris Jaudes bought a copy and can be heard playing it on a recent cd by the New York Staff Band. They kept the basic band arr. but re scored it for much better players. Chris then added his touch to the cadenzas and the extended ending including "Joy in The Salvation Army"

I have played this solo all over the world and opened the Christmas Eve services in Manger Square Bethlehem Israel with the solo several times. I also played it in Mexico City at Garibaldi Square while being helds up in the air (that's right) by the local Mariachi band members. Quite a thrill.

I also played it in the ancient ruins of Masada, and from atop a pyramid in Egypt. The solo has assumed a life of its own and is always a real crowd energizer.